Dual-Grating Spectral Beam Combination of High-Power Fiber Lasers

We describe a dual-grating spectral beam combination (SBC) system to combine multiple high-power fiber laser outputs while maintaining near-diffraction-limited beam quality. The two gratings are parallel in a grating rhomb configuration, with input and output beams that are parallel but shifted with wavelength, rather than the typical angular dispersion of a single grating. The resulting advantage of the dual-grating SBC over other beam combination systems is the relaxation of the linewidth requirement. We combined two fiber lasers with output powers of 115 W each and linewidths of about 0.15 nm ( $sim$ 40 GHz) to produce a combined beam of 190 W power with near-diffraction-limited beam quality ( $M^{2}$ $sim$ 1.18).


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