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Watt-level short-length holmium-doped ZBLAN fiber lasers at 1.2  μm

Xiushan Zhu, Jie Zong, Kort Wiersma, R. A. Norwood, Narasimha S. Prasad, Michael D. Obland, Arturo Chavez-Pirson, N. Peyghambarian
In-band core-pumped Ho^3+-doped ZBLAN fiber lasers at the 1.2 μm region were investigated with different gain fiber lengths. A 2.4 W 1190 nm all-fiber laser with a slope efficiency of 42% was achieved by using a 10 cm long gain fiber pumped at a maximum available ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1533-1536 (2014)]

Influence of nodular defects on the laser damage resistance of optical coatings in the femtosecond regime

Laurent Gallais, Xinbin Cheng, Zhanshan Wang
The influence of nodular coating defects on the sub-picosecond laser damage resistance of multilayer coatings is investigated. The study is conducted on engineered nodules from monodisperse silica microspheres in HfO_2/SiO_2 high-reflective mirrors, at 400  fs/1030  nm. ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1545-1548 (2014)]

41.9  fs hybridly mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser at 212  MHz repetition rate

Xing Li, Weiwen Zou, Jianping Chen
We demonstrate a hybridly mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser. It combines saturable absorption and nonlinear polarization evolution to produce stable and purified femtosecond pulses with a high repetition rate of 212 MHz. The average output power is larger than 65 mW, and the ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1553-1556 (2014)]

Simultaneous picosecond and femtosecond solitons delivered from a nanotube-mode-locked all-fiber laser

D. D. Han, X. M. Liu, Y. D. Cui, G. X. Wang, C. Zeng, L. Yun
We propose a compact nanotube-mode-locked all-fiber laser that can simultaneously generate picosecond and femtosecond solitons at different wavelengths. The pulse durations of picosecond and femtosecond solitons are measured to be ∼10.6  ps and ∼466  fs, ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1565-1568 (2014)]

High-energy diode-seeded nanosecond 2  μm fiber MOPA systems incorporating active pulse shaping

Z. Li, A. M. Heidt, P. S. Teh, M. Berendt, J. K. Sahu, R. Phelan, B. Kelly, S. U. Alam, D. J. Richardson
We report on high-energy nanosecond-pulsed fiber master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) systems seeded by semiconductor laser diodes at 2 μm incorporating arbitrary pulse-shaping capabilities. Two MOPA systems, one based on direct diode modulation and the second using additional ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1569-1572 (2014)]

Optical noise of stabilized high-power single frequency optically pumped semiconductor laser

Alexandre Laurain, Cody Mart, Jörg Hader, Jerome V. Moloney, Bernadette Kunert, Wolfgang Stolz
We present a study of an actively stabilized optically pumped semiconductor laser operating single frequency at a wavelength of 1015 nm. In free running operation, the laser exhibits a single frequency output power of 15 W with a linewidth of 995 kHz for a sampling time of 1 s. ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1573-1576 (2014)]

Tracking shear waves in turbid medium by light: theory, simulation, and experiment

Sinan Li, Yi Cheng, Lipei Song, Robert J. Eckersley, Daniel S. Elson, Meng-Xing Tang
Shear wave propagation provides rich information for material mechanical characterization, including elasticity and viscosity. This Letter reports tracking of shear wave propagation in turbid media by laser-speckle-contrast analysis. The theory is described, and a Monte Carlo simulation of light ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1597-1600 (2014)]

Flat, rectangular frequency comb generation with tunable bandwidth and frequency spacing

Stefan Preussler, Norman Wenzel, Thomas Schneider
The generation of flat, rectangular frequency combs with tunable frequency spacing and bandwidth is demonstrated. Therefore, several lines or sidebands are extracted out of an existing frequency comb, for example a femtosecond fiber laser. Subsequently, these lines are processed via two ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1637-1640 (2014)]

High-power frequency comb in the range of 2–2.15  μm based on a holmium fiber amplifier seeded by wavelength-shifted Raman solitons from an erbium-fiber laser

Nicola Coluccelli, Marco Cassinerio, Alessio Gambetta, Paolo Laporta, Gianluca Galzerano
We demonstrate a room-temperature high-power frequency comb source covering the spectral region from 2 to 2.15 μm. The source is based on a femtosecond erbium-fiber laser operating at 1.55 μm with a repetition rate of 250 MHz, wavelength-shifted up to 2.06 μm ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1661-1664 (2014)]

16.6 J chirped femtosecond laser pulses from a diode-pumped Yb:CaF_2 amplifier

Alexander Kessler, Marco Hornung, Sebastian Keppler, Frank Schorcht, Marco Hellwing, Hartmut Liebetrau, Jörg Körner, Alexander Sävert, Mathias Siebold, Matthias Schnepp, Joachim Hein, Malte C. Kaluza
We report the amplification of laser pulses at a center wavelength of 1034 nm to an energy of 16.6 J from a fully diode-pumped amplifier using Yb:CaF_2 as the active medium. Pumped by a total optical power of 300 kW from high-power laser diodes, a gain factor of g=6.1 was achieved in ... [Opt. Lett. 39, 1333-1336 (2014)]

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