Optics Express

Relaxation and square-wave oscillations in a semiconductor laser with polarization rotated optical feedback

Gaetan Friart, Lionel Weicker, Jan Danckaert, Thomas Erneux
The rate equations for a laser with a polarization rotated optical feedback are investigated both numerically and analytically. The frequency detuning between the polarization modes is now taken into account and we review all earlier studies in order to motivate the range of values of the fixed ... [Opt. Express 22, 6905-6918 (2014)]

Introduction to the issue on Physics and Applications of Laser Dynamics (IS-PALD 2013)

Frédéric Grillot, Marc Sciamanna, Yung-Fu Chen
We introduce the Optics Express special issue of the 3rd symposium on Physics and Applications of Laser Dynamics (IS-PALD). This issue consists of expanded papers related to oral and poster presentations. Selected papers represent the best of IS-PALD 2013. [Opt. Express 22, 7362-7363 (2014)]

The 0.7 MW output power from a two-arm coherently combined Q-switched photonic crystal fiber laser

Boris Rosenstein, Avry Shirakov, Daniel Belker, Amiel A. Ishaaya
We demonstrate a high peak power, Q-switched pulsed, intracavity coherently combined fiber laser system. The system is based on two Yb-doped, rod-type, photonic crystal fibers which are passively phase-locked and combined into the single output beam in a power oscillator configuration. Experimental ... [Opt. Express 22, 6416-6421 (2014)]

Saturated gain spectrum of VECSELs determined by transient measurement of lasing onset

C. Robin Head, Keith G. Wilcox, Andrew P. Turnbull, Oliver J. Morris, Edward A. Shaw, Anne C. Tropper
We describe time-resolved measurements of the evolution of the spectrum of radiation emitted by an optically-pumped continuous-wave InGaAs-GaAs quantum well laser, recorded as lasing builds up from noise to steady state. We extract a fitting parameter corresponding to the gain dispersion of the ... [Opt. Express 22, 6919-6924 (2014)]

Nonequilibrium and thermal effects in mode-locked VECSELs

J.V Moloney, I. Kilen, A. Bäumner, M. Scheller, S.W. Koch
Ultrafast femtosecond timescale dynamics in Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VECSELs) have recently been employed to achieve record average power and duration mode-locked pulses by employing different types of saturable absorbers and Kerr Lens elements. Microscopic many-body ... [Opt. Express 22, 6422-6427 (2014)]

Power budget improvement of symmetric 40-Gb/s DML-based TWDM-PON system

Meihua Bi, Shilin Xiao, Lilin Yi, Hao He, Jun Li, Xuelin Yang, Weisheng Hu
We propose a symmetric 40-Gb/s time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (TWDM-PON) system with directly modulated laser (DML) as both downstream and upstream transmitters. A single bi-pass delay interferometer (DI), deployed in the optical line terminal (OLT), is used to ... [Opt. Express 22, 6925-6933 (2014)]

Switchable double wavelength generating vertical external cavity surface-emitting laser

Jan Muszalski, Artur Broda, Artur Trajnerowicz, Anna Wójcik-Jedlińska, Robert P. Sarzała, Michał Wasiak, Piotr Gutowski, Iwona Sankowska, Justyna Kubacka-Traczyk, Krystyna Gołaszewska-Malec
Switchable, double wavelength generation is demonstrated from a single vertical external cavity surface-emitting laser chip. Power of ~0.5W for two wavelengths λ≈967nm and 1018nm i.e. within the spectral distance of 51nm were registered. In the semiconductor heterostructure a single ... [Opt. Express 22, 6447-6452 (2014)]

Intermittent operation of QC-lasers for mid-IR spectroscopy with low heat dissipation: tuning characteristics and driving electronics

M. Fischer, B. Tuzson, A. Hugi, R. Brönnimann, A. Kunz, S. Blaser, M. Rochat, O. Landry, A. Müller, L. Emmenegger
Intermittent scanning for continuous-wave quantum cascade lasers is proposed along with a custom-built laser driver optimized for such operation. This approach lowers the overall heat dissipation of the laser by dropping its drive current to zero between individual scans and holding a longer pause ... [Opt. Express 22, 7014-7027 (2014)]

Speckle reduction and maintaining contrast in a LASER pico-projector using a vibrating symmetric diffuser

Jui-Wen Pan, Chi-Hao Shih
We proposed a design for a LASER pico-projector with a low speckle contrast value and high contrast ratio that maintains system efficiency. The method for speckle contrast reduction utilizes two diffusers and a Voice Coil Motor (VCM) oscillator. The two different diffusers for a high contrast ratio ... [Opt. Express 22, 6464-6477 (2014)]

Simultaneous dual-color 3D STED microscopy

Christian Osseforth, Jeffrey R. Moffitt, Lothar Schermelleh, Jens Michaelis
We describe the design and implementation of a stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscope which allows simultaneous three-dimensional super-resolution imaging in two colors. A super-continuum laser source is used to provide all spectral bands necessary for excitation and efficient depletion to ... [Opt. Express 22, 7028-7039 (2014)]

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