Journal of Applied Physics

cw laser oscillation on transitions of Cd[sup + ] and Zn[sup + ] He--Cd halide and He--Zn halide discharges

J. A. Piper and M. Brandt
Continuous-wave laser oscillation has been obtained on transitions of Cd in hollow-cathode HeCdI, HeCdCl, and HeCdBr discharges, and on transitions of Zn in hollow-cathode HeZnI, HeZnCl, and HeZnBr discharges. Excitation of upper laser levels is attributed to thermal energy charge transfer or Pennin ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4486 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Pump efficiency and saturation effects in waveguide lasers

Lennart Lundgren
The cross-sectional variation of the energy density in a waveguide gas laser results in a transversely varying saturation if the molecules are stationary. At a transversely constant excitation of the upper laser level, the varying saturation reduces the efficiency and power output compared to the ca ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4484 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Theory of the photon drag effect in tellurium

G. Ribakovs and A. A. Gundjian
A detailed microscopic theory of the photon drag effect due to CO laser induced direct electronic intervalence band transitions in tellurium is presented based on the solution of Boltzmann's transport and the resulting current equations. The numerical evaluation of the theoretically derived expressi ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4609 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

TEA CO[sub 2] laser radiation induced EMF's in tellurium

G. Ribakovs and A. A. Gundjian
A comprehensive set of measurements is presented with the purpose of obtaining and interpreting all tensor components necessary to describe the fast emf's induced in intrinsic and extrinsic single-crystal tellurium samples exposed to TEA CO laser radiation in the range between 115 and 300 K. Three d ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4601 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Measurements of the velocity spectrum of sputtered Na from a NaI target by a Doppler-shift laser spectrometer

W. Husinsky, R. Bruckmuller, P. Blum, F. Viehbock, D. Hammer et al.
By means of a Doppler-shift laser spectrometer (DSLS) we have measured the energy spectrum of Na emerging from a NaI surface bombarded with He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe ion beams of about 30 [mu]A/cm and within an energy range 1030 keV. The measured spectra consist of a thermal and a high-energy contribut ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4734 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Gas temperature and cooling in waveguide CO[sub 2] lasers

H. Shields and A. L. S. Smith
Gas temperatures in waveguide laser discharges have been measured. The temperature obeys the scaling laws for similarity with conventional positive column CO laser discharges. Beryllia and alumina are equally efficient in cooling the CO-N-He gas, but Pyrex is less effective. ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4807 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Electrostatic observations of laser-induced optical damage in LiNbO[sub 3]

L. B. Schein, P. J. Cressman, and Frederick M. Tesche
A new technique for observing optical damage is reported. It is based on detecting electrostatic potentials which result from the laser-induced macroscopic charge separation responsible for optical damage. This new technique has been used to determine, for the first time, the charge distribution of ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4844 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Plasma-injection-stabilized discharges in CO and He at low temperatures

D. B. Cohn and D. G. Lim
Pulsed and cw discharges in low-temperature flowing mixtures of CO and He, typical of those required for efficient laser action at 5 [mu]m, are stabilized by convective flow injection of a weakly ionized plasma maintained by an auxiliary discharge adjacent to the main discharge volume. Pulsed input ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4809 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

A simple compact high-repetition-rate hydrogen vuv laser for scientific applications

John E. M. Goldsmith and Igor N. Knyazev
The operation of a simple compact high-repetition-rate vuv hydrogen laser is described in detail. The laser uses a Blumlein-type transverse discharge system with a very narrow profiled discharge channel and a low-inductance nitrogen-pressurized triggered spark-gap switch. The laser produces 20[mu]J ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4912 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

Stimulated-emission cross section at 1064 and 1342 nm in Nd : YVO[sub 4]

A. W. Tucker, M. Birnbaum, C. L. Fincher, and J. W. Erler
The stimulated-emission cross sections at 1064 (F-->I) and 1342 nm (F-->I) in Nb : YVO were determined by measurement of laser thresholds as a function of output mirror reflectivity. Small samples of Nd : YVO and Nd : YAG were end pumped at room temperature with a cw 514.5-nm argon ion laser in an a ... [J. Appl. Phys. 48, 4907 (2008)] published Tue Aug 26, 2008.

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