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History of quantum electronics at the Moscow Lebedev and General Physics Institutes: Nikolaj Basov and Alexander Prokhorov Applied Optics 62
Size dependence of complex refractive index function of growing nanoparticles Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 62
Using an x-ray-fluorescence analyzer to monitor laser cleaning in restoration Journal of Optical Technology 62
Pencil lead plasma for generating multimicrojoule high-order harmonics with a broad spectrum Applied Physics Letters 62
Driving-laser wavelength dependence of high-order harmonic generation in H_{2} ^{+} molecules Physical Review A 62
Effects of an environment on a cavity-quantum-electrodynamics system controlled by bichromatic adiabatic passage Physical Review A 62
Anomalously delayed stimulated emission in random lasers Physical Review A 62
Nonlinear propagation of light in Dirac matter Physical Review E 62
Growth of Ag, Au, Cu, and Pt nanostructures on surfaces by micropatterned laser-image formations Applied Optics 62
Potential sodium D_2 resonance radiation generated by intra-cavity SHG of a c-cut Nd:YVO_4 self-Raman laser Optics Express 62
Continuous-wave and Q-switched laser operation of Nd:Gd0.18Y0.82VO4 mixed crystal Optics & Laser Technology 63
Synchronization with harmonics in an injected nuclear-magnetic-resonance laser Physical Review A 63
Room temperature ferromagnetism in N-doped rutile TiO films Journal of Applied Physics 63
Electron Bunch Timing with Femtosecond Precision in a Superconducting Free-Electron Laser Physical Review Letters 63
Direct measurement of the instantaneous linewidth of rapidly wavelength-swept lasers Optics Letters 63
Hot Electrons Transverse Refluxing in Ultraintense Laser-Solid Interactions Physical Review Letters 63
Local laser cooling of Yb:YLF to 110 K Optics Express 63
Optical characteristics of a-plane ZnO/ZnMgO multiple quantum wells grown by pulsed laser deposition Journal of Applied Physics 63
All-optical wavelength conversion based on degenerate four-wave mixing in Raman ring laser Laser Physics Letters 63
Controlling the XUV Transparency of Helium Using Two-Pathway Quantum Interference Physical Review Letters 63
Resonant scattering of a lepton by a lepton in the pulsed light field Laser Physics 63
Extremely large-mode-area photonic crystal fibre with low bending loss Optics Express 63
Language organization and temporal correlations in the spiking activity of an excitable laser: Experiments and model comparison Physical Review E 63
Compact and portable terahertz source by mixing two frequencies generated simultaneously by a single solid-state laser Optics Letters 63
Independent individual addressing of multiple neutral atom qubits with a micromirror-based beam steering system Applied Physics Letters 63