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Effects of substrate-induced-strain on the electrical properties and laser induced voltages of tilted LaCaMnO thin films Journal of Applied Physics 4
Improved threshold of buried heterostructure InAs/GaInAsP quantum dot lasers Journal of Applied Physics 4
Ultrafast optical Stark mode-locked semiconductor laser Optics Letters 4
Fiber laser optical frequency
standard at 1.54 μm Optics Express 4
Optical transfer function of an optical system with a vortex phase mask in the presence of primary aberrations Optics & Laser Technology 4
Phonon-induced planar voltages in thin metallic films Applied Physics Letters 4
Identification of nitro-compounds with LIBS Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 4
High efficient 1.56 μm laser operation of Czochralski grown Er:Yb:Sr_3Y_2(BO_3)_4 crystal Optics Express 4
Enhanced Dynamic Range in a Directly Modulated Analog Photonic Link IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 4
CO[sub 2] oscillator--pulse shaper--amplifier system producing 0.1 J in a 500 psec laser pulse Review of Scientific Instruments 4
Laser-launched flyer plate and confined laser ablation for shock wave loading: Validation and applications Review of Scientific Instruments 4
Laser heating of a slab having temperature-dependent surface absorptance Journal of Applied Physics 4
Impact of modulated multiple optical feedback time delays on laser diode chaos synchronization Optics Communications 4
Time-resolved x-ray scattering from laser-molten indium antimonide Review of Scientific Instruments 4
Erratum: Lithium-ion soft x-ray laser Journal of Applied Physics 4
Dammann gratings as integratable micro-optical elements created by laser micronanofabrication via two-photon photopolymerization Optics Letters 4
Compact Brillouin–erbium fiber laser Optics Letters 4
Tuning etch selectivity of fused silica irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses by controlling polarization of the writing pulses Journal of Applied Physics 4
High-frequency electromagnetic properties of epitaxial BiFeCrO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition Applied Physics Letters 4
Single-end vibration sensor based on an over-coupled fiber-loop reflector Laser Physics 4
A Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering spectrometer for ultraviolet wavelengths Review of Scientific Instruments 4
Observation of strong cascaded Kerr-lens dynamics in an optimally-coupled cw intracavity frequency-doubled Nd:YLF ring laser Optics Express 4
A contact angle measurement by laser glancing incidence method Journal of Applied Physics 4
100-mW linear polarization single-frequency all-fiber seed laser for coherent Doppler lidar application Optics Communications 4
Fast and Robust Laser Cooling of Trapped Systems Physical Review Letters 4